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Anyone who has played a musical instrument, even if briefly, will lie saying he had never dreamed of owning his own customized and unique exemplar.

From today this is possible, thanks to Zoybar!

Zoybar is a project arisen from the mind of the designer Ziy Israeli Bar Ilan. It’s an open platform that is upgradeable and improveable by its users, sharing non-commercial projects concerning the DIY construction of stringed instruments such as guitar , bass, etc.

With Zoybar you’ll have the opportunity to create tour own guitar without having to depend on Holiday manufacturer of musical instruments.

Of course, all this is possible because the user will have to pull off a decent manual and a precise knowledge of the instrument, but in the end the satisfaction derived from achieving their own hands something so personal and unique , reward the hard work!

The projects of the templates can be downloaded from the platform in the form of CAD files can be imported even on Blender.




The level of freedom of choice is maximum , it is possible to create an infinite number of alternatives , starting from the simplest electric guitars , going for the low , up to the most extravagant double neck guitars.


All of these changes are supported by a system of standard assembly and intuitive , which ensures compatibility between the various parts , without the use of tools or work on the electronics.


Comes a “skeleton ” for guitar fully customizable composed of a series of interlocking pieces that allow to insert the bridge, mechanical and pick up several in any number and position . At the end, just add us the pieces or electrical , as desired , enter some effect in the body of the guitar ( such as the Guitar Kaospad visible on the site ).


zb2 zoybarshapewaysguitar


Thanks to this method , the tools are in the hands of end users who in turn become developers are able to share their ideas in the community.


The aim is also to provide a common basis for all the independent producers of musical instruments and effects. With Zoybar then have a tool that can take any shape you want with the purpose of making more comfortable your performance , or to generate a product of the whole.


Zoybar also proposes the sale of kits , made ​​on request , to assist in the construction of the hardware.


In the site there is also a social network that supports the growing community of its users. Sharing ideas and creating an environment of co-creation could lead to a new era in the evolution of musical instruments.