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The keyword for not suffering hunger is Windowfarms: a vertical bioponic cultivation system (cultivation without soil).


The concept is that of “liquid earth”, a 100% organic mixture of compost and inert substrates such as coconut fiber, expanded clay, zeolite, etc…that allows us to grow food in the house. Just a bit of water with nutrients in the tank and a window to let in natural light is enough. We bury our refrigerators in favor of a daily harvest of healthy food, without wasting energy




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If the founder Britta Riley had been born years ago, it would have certainly made life easier for our grandparents; through Windowfarms, you will be able to grow a variety of produce: fruit. vegetables, tubers, etc…


On the site you will find directions to build and assemble a Windowfarms yourself, or you can buy it and it comes straight to your home. Nature and technology can coexist, yielding delicious results!






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