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WikiLeaks is an international organization that receives and publishes anonymously on its website confidential documents, sensitive information concerning governments and corporations.


The project started when the founder, Julian Assange and his colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg, joined their forces to create a project able enough to control the activities of people in power.


With a small budget, the two colleagues created an online platform that allows you to transmit the confidential information in an anonymous form, thereby focusing on the indecencies of our governments and corporate crimes.

WikiLeaks was launched for the first time in 2006 and in a short time, it was able to reveal the most significant news of all the legendary traditional mass media.




The ultimate aim of the platform is to achieve transparency by governments as a guarantee of justice, ethics, and a stronger democracy.

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization, it covers operating costs with donations from anyone willing to support it, and thus seeks to become “an untraceable version of Wikipedia that allows the publication and mass analysis of confidential documents.”


Thanks to a powerful encryption system, the information became impossible to track down and so anyone can provide anonymous reporting to the website.

It will then be duty of the staff to deal with WikiLeaks to verify the reliability and proceed with the publication of the material.






It ‘s very important for the existence of Wikileaks because it makes you understand that the main use of sharing is not only economic or practical. In this case, the truth comes out, with many secrets which often cringe every point of view, and this happens only through people who provide it, always playing their freedom and without aiming at anything in return, but only in honor of a sense of justice and truth that the media has for the most part totally forgotten.



The heroes still exist today!