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Would you like to wear sandals for yourself or give to  a friend? Do you want to learn how to draw? Would you like to treat a sore throat or bring down a fever without the help of medicines? The answer to these and countless of other questions is only one: WikiHow, the largest platform of free guides, created and enriched by people who wish to contribute their expertise.






Today it consists of 40,000 guides, contains articles of various topics, from the everyday to the creative to how to cure diseases. WikiHow is published in 15 languages, English, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Russian, German, Danish and Spanish.


Today’s world, characterized by strong job instability and constant change, needs more than ever people who “know how to do”, which have soft skills in order to adapt better to each situation.

What we aim at is that reality on one side orientation to learning and on the other the spirit of sharing, demonstrating that with sharing our knowledge you can enrich both ourselves and the Earth.




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