If you are looking for new tastes and interesting new cultures, then this is the venture made for you!

Vizeat gives you the opportunity to have lunch / dinner at the table with people who offer their culinary experiences to passing tourists, or those who just want to try new dishes, not necessarily from their homeland.






The basic idea originated from two french travellers Jean Michel Petit and Camille Rumani, with the aim of being able to sample the local cuisine in the places they were travelling at the time and to meet new people.

Today more than 20.000 customers in 50 countries in the world are following the initiative!

To participate is very easy, there are two options. You can participate in the venture as a Host, by creating a profile inserting infomation about your house and the style of cuisine you intend to offer, or as a guest, whose only commitment is to have an embarassment of choice.






First you need to choose the country in which you want to eat and analyse the different profiles of the hosts. You can find many options, ranging from a “Breakfast trail in New Delhi”, to “Flavours of Ukraine”, until you arrive at “Lessons in Italian cuisine in the Cook Islands”!

Once you decide on the destination (the most difficult part is got through), you only need to ask a host for an availabe date for the meeting, from that moment he/she will have 24 hours to respond to your request.




VizEat offers various options , both as regards the quality of the meal and the price. This makes it adaptable to different types of people, who are all, however, united in the wish to discover new cultures.


The Hosts of Vizeat are eager to meet someone just like you! What are you waiting for?

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