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Urban Gardens

An idea born in April of 2010 from the passions of Daniele Rossi and Annalisa Zambianchi, one related to the world of sustainable gastronomy and the other close to  “Grow Your Own Food movement”,taking inspiration from a similar project active in Barcelona since 2003. Urban Gardens, through the activities of environmental and cultural education manages to take away green areas from illegal building, speculation and environmental pollution.




There are courses of urban horticulture for adults and works with other projects related to the world of self-production. Imagine a world with more gardening and fewer middle-men, with more trees and flowers and less concrete… Urban Gardens collaborates with the University of Perugia’s Department of Agriculture on how to establish or conserve a garden, understood in the sense of “cultural” park, with the goal of rescuing threatened species and cultivating common-use products through scientific methods. Products that also could be sold at low prices with the thought of shortening the supply chain from producer to consumer.



Urban Gardens




On urban gardens you can learn how to cultivate a garden like a real farmer without  needing to live in the country or having a yard. Thanks to modern agricultural technology that explains in many lessons, you will be able to manage all the challenges associated with gardening, such as insects, water shortages, choosing the best cultivation support, etc.


Have fun with nature!



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