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Transparency Life Sciences

Here is an extraordinary initiative launched by Dr. Tomasz Sablinski, an American researcher who believes that the development of drugs, like that of the software, can happen through the open source philosophy!

Transparency life science has all the credentials to become the Linux of pharmacology.

The route starts with the abandonment of the current system, based on production lines in competition and on the defense of patents and intellectual property, which often impede the process of growth and change.Sablinski want to use the web to facilitate the collection of information to be used or experimentation and, having collected a group of researchers, has started the early research on a drug for multiple sclerosis, one on chronic intestinal inflammation, and one on cardiovascular problems.

Creating a platform that takes advantage of the energy of the web, on the siteTransparencyls.com researchers can put themselves in contact with the patients that put questions on the basis of their experience, and all of this information can function as a suggestion for an experimentation.





Sablinski hopes to gather enough information to write a true and proper project to submit to the FDA (the American Federal Drug Administration)

The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars to bring a medication onto the market, because of a costly regulation, regulatory prescriptions and fierce competitions among the companies exists. The aim of Transparencyls is to precisely halve the cost of a traditional clinical trial.



Transparency Life Sciences



It is not absurd to consider that an approach based upon the distribution of information, supported by an non-competitive attitude but in partnership between industries, with

the involvement of institutions, universities and patient, could represent a winning model to the problems of development and innovation.

Once the feasibility of the project has been proven, the next step would be to use the grid to  work on everything that the non-experimental pharmaceutical industry  needs due to the cost of research and development.

Something is happening in the world of pharmaceutical research in the name of open source.