Torrent is one of the most popular filesharing systems in the net.

Technically, a torrent is a peer-to-peer protocol that allows sharing and distributing files on the Internet. The torrents then serve to exchange personal content between connected users.

As a matter of fact, each of these users can create and publish their own torrent, thus sharing mp3s, movies, games, programs or any other file type.

How does a torrent work?

The original files that are to be shared are first partitioned in my small fragments that are sent to the user that requests them; once all fragments are downloaded, the file is recomposed into a whole on the user’s computer.




The advantage that this has is obviously that of being able to download many fragments of one big file from many sources, all that in a speed that is superior to common peer-to-peer program, even for files of large size.

The difference between torrents and other peer-to-peer programs is the fact that the file to be downloaded does not have to be searched inside the program, but one has to make a search on the net and download the torrent file from any of the now popular websites that manage the rich libraries.

Little wisdom: In order to take advantage of the torrent file sharing system, one has to download the special free programs of which we indicate the most used, that is uTorrent, bitTorrent among the most important ones.

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