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According to a survey on the dimensions of the network, the Web consists of over 550 billion documents while Google and the other search engines index only 2 billion, that is less than one percent.


The Deep Web is the entirety of all informative resources that are not indicated by the normal search engines.


When we navigate in the Internet or send messages from our computer, all our data and the information about it can be intercepted and spied on, thus allowing strangers to violate our privacy. There is, however, an instrument for not being controlled any more while navigating in the network which erases our traces and makes our communication secure, opening the doors to that part of the web to which we did not have access before!




Its name is TOR!


Tor is an open source program which allows navigation while preventing external software from identifying your position or you activity in the network.

When using Tor, the data traffic no longer passes directly from the client to the server and vice versa, but is redistributed through the routers that constitute a “virtual circuit” of layers that are called “onions”.


All information is encrypted in such a way that prevents any observer from knowing the origin or the destination of the data packages.

That way, a person spying on us can only know that we have accessed the Tor network and nothing more. Initially sponsored by the US Naval Research Laboratory, it has been a project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is now managed by The Tor Project, a nonprofit organization.

The sites that make up the Deep Web cannot be found with simple Google researches. In order to find all the resources hidden in this world, we will then need alternative starting points.


There are indeed sites like Hidden wiki or Tordir where the users of the Deep Web coming from the whole world post links to hidden sites of all kinds.

The links are divided by genre and language and you can really find everything.

There is also a search engine for the Deep Web which is called Torch that in its current state indexes over 117,367 pages of the Deep Web.




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In those parts of the world where the navigation in the network is subject to heavy censorship and the traffic is monitored, Tor is a precious instrument which helps the users to maintain their anonymity online.


TOR has been awarded a prize by the Free Software Foundation for having allowed 36 millions people to navigate freely in the web and that way having helped the dissidents in Iran and Egypt.