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There are many ways to spread a message in the great web. However, it is often difficult because it risks to become buried by avalanches of information that are not too important.

Today, giving a voice to a message that we believe is worth spreading is possible, using Thunderclap!

Thunderclap is a crowd-speaking platform that helps people to spread their message, developed to boost the spread of a campaign or any other content.



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The challenge is in the creation of an effective message that can convince the population of the web.
The system is the same one used by Kickstarter and Groupon.

When you have a good idea for an appeal to spread, submit it to the administrators that, once approved, will give the go-ahead for publication.
Set a deadline whithin the tweet will be highlighted and a minimum amount of supporters to reach. The amplification of the message is ensured on one condition: that the estimated number of supporters is reached.







The announcement, once it gets the go-ahead, is automatically sent to all friends-of-friends, causing an exponential effect on its spread.

This system triggers a chain of re-sharing that can unleash a viral spread in a very short time.

A practical example can be the story of Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone magazine reporter, that with Thunderclap has launched its campaign to protect U.S. financial reform, thus attracting 1,900 supporters (well over the 500 needed)

Thunderclap has the fabric to establish and really become the thunder capable to invade the internet!