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Created on october 2008 by Zach Smith and owned by MakerBot Industries, it has rapidly become a reference for the owners of 3D printers and of the DIY Maker community.

We are talking about Thingiverse, a thriving open-source community born to help us discover, do, and share everything regarding the 3D printing world!

Jump onto Thingiverse to grasp the revolutionary potential of 3d printing!




In this site you can find tens of thousands of free downloadable 3d models , in fact Thingiverse projects are published under GNU or Creative Commons license, which means that anyone can use or modify any project!
The free nature of the site and the spirit of sharing on which rests, make it an open platform for everyone, not just designers, engineers or experts in CAD ​​drawing.
This allows any individual to be able to spread their idea on a global scale to anyone who is interested, making Thingiverse also a showcase for artists and 3D graphics that want to show off their skills.




DSC06480 Thingaverse



Encouraged by the fact that the more designs are shared more ispiration will be for other users, the creators of the community are hoping to trigger such a creative process with extraordinary potential, capable of giving life to projects awesome and achievable for real!

In the site are already present amazing works as a medieval chair, a fireplace, a bed canopy, fluorescent mushrooms for the decoration of the garden, a 130 mm Bulldozer with gears and even chairs furniture.
Thingiverse has also established the terms of use which prohibit content that contribute to the creation of weapons, illegal, or otherwise objectionable material