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The Multimachine

The multimachine is a multi-purpose open source machine tool that can be built cheaply from a semi-skilled mechanic. For the construction of the machine, the electricity can be replaced with the good “elbow grease” and the necessary material can come from parts of discarded vehicles. The tools for assembly are common hand tools accessible to everyone and their size can vary from being small enough to fit in a closet up to ten times that size.


The basic composition of multimachine provides a combination of lathe, mill and drill but some parts of machinery tools that involve many other functions can be incorporated.






We owe the birth of multimachine to Pat Delaney who initially developed it as a personal project, and then, through a development group of yahoo, has expanded into an open source organized project.


The support group of 2,600 members, who grew up around his creation, is composed of engineers, machinists, and experimenters. It has shown that the machine works perfectly. As an open-source machine tool cheaply builded, the multimachine could have many uses and a strong influence in the developing countries.


The Multimachine



multimachineWhat is the multimachine able to do?


The multimachine can autonomously perform all the functions of a whole workshop in a very accurate manner.

The way the products are made varies depending on the place and culture , taking advantage of the resources and possibilities of the country. It is already used in various domains for example in agriculture for the construction and repair of irrigation pumps and farm implements, in the systems of water supply for the execution and repair of pumps and for drilling plants.


Even in the world of food supplies utensils, stoves and various cooking appliances are created with the multimachine . this extraordinary machine is also known in the world of transports, in fact, many car manufacturers already use it for the construction of spare parts such as brakes, clutches and many other components.

It was verified that the multimachine is able to make cuts of one ten-thousandth of an inch, which means that at least in some configurations it can match the precision of the common utensil machines used in the commercial world!