SoulSeek is a free client for sharing and exchanging of music files, banners and spywares free. The system was developed and is populated mainly by electronic music lovers, but it still remains the reference point for all fans of underground music from all over the world. Using Soulseek you can find albums and out of print publications of various bands as well as new material from the emerging bands that would be difficult to find in a store.





Soulseek has its own system of chat rooms, modestly good, in which you can create and manage your own chat with other users.


Thanks of the centralized server, you can find users you met before to chat, and to continue interrupted downloads.

SoulSeek works with all versions of Windows, but thanks to Nicotine (a version of the client derived from PySoulseek ) also users from GNU / Linux have the possibility to connect to the Soulseek network.

the same thing for SolarSeek that allows users to connect MAC OS X.

Soulseek allows us to own all your favourite music with just one click!