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Every day on our roads a large number of trucks travel without carrying anything, costing many hours of work and all the more fuel, and in countries in which the distribution goes through on wheeled transport, all this is a huge waste.

And it is precisely from this observation that Francesco Murru, a recent graduate in Economics at the University of Florence, had the brilliant idea: why not create a portal where haulers can inform about their availability when transporting nothing and users send goods at low prices, thus optimizing the circuit?


Thus was born Sendilo, the first truck-sharing site!


Sendilo.jpg large



The truck driver subscribes to the website and put its own itinerary indicating when the truck will be empty, if outward or return, and individuals, but also small businesses who need to carry bulky products, can consult the offers available and choose the route that is right for them. At the end, the driver will pick up the load at the address indicated amortizing its return and so users will have solved a big problem, without shelling out a fortune for a private courier.







A big saving both in economic terms but also environmental factors in addition to all the advantages related to having many fewer vehicles on our highways!