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Speaking of travel in times of crisis may appear almost out of place, but realities exist that provide the possibility of getting the most from the resources that we have at our disposal, house included! Exchanging homes promotes a new vacation idea, based on a spirit of cooperation and sharing.



There are several online portals that manage these initiatives and among these is certainly mentioned HomeExchange.com!

“Travel anywhere without paying anything for housing” is the motto of HomeExchange.com founded by Ed Kushins in 1992 and initially available only in print, it has set itself as the precursor of social networking and of collaborative consumption to become the greatest service to the world of private house exchange, with over 40,000 files in 153 different countries. The members exchange among them their respective houses, but it is possible to exchange, for example, one’s own boat if you own one.

The site connects open-minded travelers, helping them to travel anywhere, and to live like locals and to lodge for free. Registration for the portal provides for the payment of a membership fee, after which one can immediately access the functionality of the service.



Everything is very simple and intuitive: you create your own profile, starting from your own description and inserting the photo of the house that is going to be exchanged. Logically, the more detailed the profile, the more anyone who comes across it will be intrigued and reassured about the exchange of their own house. Later, one can search among more than 50,000 proposals, and once found and met an ideal partner, also thanks to the internal instant message system of the site, they can settle the details and data of the exchange.

The house exchange is based on the principle of honesty, respect, and commitment in which every user brings his/her own contribution by writing feedback or creating detailed file to make the service secure and reliable




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