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R is increasingly used by scientists from all disciplines and is ideal for open science because the software is free, there is a large community of users to support, and the workflow can be documented for scientific research in a completely reproducible way.




 The goal of the creators of ROpenSci is very ambitious and we can read in the home page of their site,“Transforming science through Open Data“.

Open science means making the various elements of research (data, methods, codes and software, results and publications) easily available to everybody, in an era in which the Internet has led to the explosion of a large amount of ways to share information that are not still adequately exploited in the scientific community.

The technology to facilitate access and the use of this information has never been better than today, but the road still faces headwinds and for this reason ROpenSci programmers work to provide open-source tools to face this challenge, developing R open source packages that allow access to a range of scientific data, full-text journal articles, and repositories that provide real-time metrics of scientific impact.








The tools provided by ROpenSci facilitate not only the use of data in an environment where they can be easily manipulated, but also one in which the same analysis and the methods can be easily shared, replicated and extended by other researchers.

The numbers of the project are already impressive, 400 million records arising from the database of museums around the world, data coming from over 200 newspapers with 100,000 full-text articles, and much more, basically a goldmine for data scientists and civic hacker.

The tool also helps to organize documents with analysis and elaborated graphs, which then can be shared, or deposited in repositories in full philosophy “open knowledge

It only remains to get to work!