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There are many solutions to fight the battle against the environmental pollution, more and more used , ranging from app eco-sustainable and ecological smartphones, the car-sharing, carpooling, etc.

The current fossil fuel cars (gasoline, diesel, natural ga ) , but also cars using a motor biofuels derived from food crops or residues from waste, are now technologically obsolete and not able to effectively safeguard the environmental heritage.


An incredible means to battle out pollution are zero-emission, electric or hydrogen cars. Ecological and economic , they are perfect for limiting costs and the impact on the environment.


Among these scenarios the small British company Riversimple came to light, created at the behest of Hugo Spowers, a former engineer of sports cars and racing driver, who in the late nineties decided to bring back to the environment what he took away from it during the years of high speed racing.

The English group declares as its purpose ” allow people to move in a sustainable manner.”



riversimple-hyrban_Mp72Y_69 New+Hydrogen+Powered+Urban+Vehicle+Unveiled+XzSSRvq2heIl



The car designed by Riversimple is a city car for two people similar in form to a Smart , weighing 350 kg with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of at least 320 km which is equivalent to 100 km per liter of hydrogen with emission of water vapor.


The hydrogen fuel cells will have a power of 6kW and each wheel will be driven by an independent electric motor. Instead of a classic battery, this car will use the new ultracapacitors to store the energy required for the controls.







And to conclude, the happy news is that , once they will reach the definitive model , Riversimple’s designs will be published on the online platform of the 40 Fires Foundation, following the philosophy of open source , available to anyone and wishing to consult the customers to produce similar models and competitive ones so as to encourage the production of such vehicles and, consequentially, their purchase!




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