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Red Pitaya

Red Pitaya is a hardware platform founded in June 2013 by four engineers, who following a fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter, its first revolutionary product is ready for release.

It is a tiny reconfigurable card in the format of a credit card that allows you to acquire and generate analog signals and to acquire and generate RF signals, all with the real-time processing carried out by a “superchip” series of Xilink Zynq, which incorporates within it a dual core ARM processor in a programmable FPGA.

At first glance, the product may look like a toy or a simple teaching tool, but in truth it is much more!






The card is multifunctional and its measurement functions are defined by the software, i.e. the buck-passing ‘app’ from the marketplace specially prearranged by RedPitaya, to which obviously all developers are invited to contribute.

The first official applications produced are an oscilloscope, a spectral analyzer and an arbitrary waveform generator.

Red Pitaya is a compact and powerful function block for building test and measurement applications and will be the first instrument on the market truly accessible to all, in fact the platform aims to stimulate creativity and independence by making the electronic instrumentation in an open and accessible target potential users ranging from hobbyists to schools, research laboratories and industries.



Red Pitaya

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The first instrument and the commercial applications of Red Pitaya will be available exclusively from RS Components (a leading business in the distribution by catalog and via the web of electronic products and maintenance) during the year.

The Red Pitaya solution is based upon the GNU/Linux operating system and can be programmed at different levels using a variety of software interfaces, among which: HDL, C/C++, scripting language and web interface based upon HTML.

The project has all the potential to become the Arduino of the world of electronic instruments and is guaranteed to have an enormous impact, as a low-cost alternative solution for professional users, and equally as a training instrument for those studying electronics.