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Precious Plastic

One of the most precious materials on earth is definitely the plastic, cheap to manufacture, lightweight, durable and above all recyclable.

Of all the plastic we use, however, only 10% is recycled, primarily because the machines that produce plastic products are expensive and complex, and producers, fearing that the recycled plastic could harm them or slow down production, they do not want to use it.






Precious Plasticis a project to create machines for recycling of the plastics and for the production of products deriving from it, using a combination of new components on measure and pieces of recovery.

The machineries include a plastic grinding system, extruder, infusion moulder and the moulder of rotation, all components based on industrial machines, but modified to be less complex and more flexible, designed to allow to everyone to construct them on their own and easy to use!

First of all, Hakkens collected the plastics from his friends, relatives and neighbors, this allowed him to grind empty bottles and containers into small plastic chip in a mixture of colors.

After he improved the systems in a way that it was possible to manage inconsistencies in the recycled plastics, he made a small range of products which he presented afterwards in one exhibition.


Precious Plastic

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Among these there is a lamp made through the extrusion of a plastic band wrapped then around a mold, and one dustbin made of printout paper with rotating ability, but Hakkens emphasized that the processes could be adapted to make an extremely wide assortment of different products.

Hakkens intended to publish the projects online so people from all over the world could contribute actively to the development and the improvement of the project adapting their designs for their own production needs.

Finally it will be possible to use small recycling systems, independent and practical!