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Have you always wanted to build a house you control but have not had the budget to do it? Architects cost too much? From 2013 Joana Pacheco has given the way to initiate promising open source, that of Paperhouses, the first platform that gives free access to architectural projects thought up by world famous designers.




These are the words of Pecheco:

“My objective is to make architecture convenient and to involve people in their projects. Universal access and free license are the only way to make the knowledge simultaneously both accessible and democratic and open to variations in production. Everything considered, the open source way makes absolute sense.”


In this way it is finally possible to open the world of architecture and stimulate discussion and collaboration among designers, clients and builders.



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The entire process is simple and quick: the users choose a project house, download the free construction plans, and finally they can begin to make their house a reality. Paperhouses will also guide you with a network of local suppliers who can help to build your architectural project at a negotiable price.


Many international studios of architecture have joined the project. There are almost too many options!









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