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OS Vehicle

Open Source Vehicle: the car is assembled in 40 minutes!


From now building your own car in the garage is no longer just a crazy idea. thanks to the Open Source Vehicle kit and instruction manual step by step , if you are good enough, it will take 40 minutes to finish it!


OSV is based on a universal platform that anyone can modify to build the vehicle that best suits his needs.

the term vehicle is used because it is a hybrid between a car and a scooter while the open-source is a reference to the digital world and to the public form of the project; anyone can download it from the official website via the internet and do whatever he wants.


The fact that the projects are open source allows anyone to modify them independently or with the support of the engineers OSV .

” Copy it , distribute it , enhance it ! ” Is the slogan chosen to launch it.




OS Vehicle


The two inventors of OSV are Ampelio Macchi , mechanical engineer from Varese and magician of motorcycle engines, and Francisco Liu graduated in Philosophy in Hong Kong.

The OSV project created Tabby, presented during the fall 2012 at the opening ceremony of Maker Faire Europe.


Tabby lets you easily assemble cars with two, three or four wheels, city cars , golf cars , street cars , food cars , off-road and it can integrate a fully electric transmission, an integrated hybrid engine, or an internal combustion engine . The price is about 2000 Euros ( excluding engine ); technical diagrams and instructions can be downloaded for free on the web.


With the technology proposed by OSV, small local companies could produce cars on a large scale with a minimum investment choosing the production method that best suits their needs.

Thanks to the easy assembly not requiring special equipment, with OSV anyone can build a car in his garage .





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