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From today the games become reality with Ortomanager!

If I told you that Farmville has taken life?


Ortomanager, the web platform born for growing online local products . An idea by ​​Anthony and Vincent, two 33 year old Apuglian guys, working in Milan in the world of human resources, marketing and digital communications. In a nutshell, you will become small farmers with one click!
You can register on the site, create a profile and choose a nickname as a farmer  and one for your own garden.



Ortomanager Ortomanager


Real farmers, that you will be able to choose basing on their reputation, experience and growing methods, will grow your products and deliver to you when it’s time.

Also, you can follow the various steps of the cultivations progress, customizing even  the label before the ship of the final product at home.



Everything is between the producer and the consumer, reducing the costs associated with transport and fuel, and with much more attention to quality.



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