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OpenShot Video Editor is one of the most powerful and complete video editing programs for Linux. It has a very simple interface and allows export in multiple formats.

Although still in the development phase, packages were released on August 18, 2009 to facilitate installation for users of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The first stable version 1.0 is released in early 2010.





OpenShot supports many video and image formats, video transitions with previews in real time and multitrack.

The ease with which OpenShot allows us to compose and superimpose images, create titles and adjust the speed in individual video segments makes it a highly professional tool.

Video effects like adjustment of brightness, color, chroma key and export in many formats (if supported by FFmpeg), in addition to compatibility with standard high-definition video like HDV and AVCHD guarantee a very high quality for your video.


Currently developed in the Python language, it uses the GTK+ toolkit and the MLT framework, the latter also used by Kdenlive.

Jonathan Thomas has been able to improve the development of the application, integrating a new editing engine with which it will be possible to simultaneously release the video editor for Linux, Windows and Mac.







It was recently announced that OpenShot Video Editor will move on to QT5, thus abandoning GTK. The reasons for the shift to QT5 are many; the main one is surely to improve the stability and performance of the software as well as optimize the integration of HTML and JavaScript.

OpenShot Video Editor’s transition to QT will also make KDE / Kubuntu users happy, who will then be able to install the software more cleanly, in addition to having a better integration with the desktop environment.


OpenShot is head and shoulders above the others in terms of stability, intuitiveness, export possibilities and special effects, especially the titles animated in 3D with Blender directly from within OpenShot!