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The developments in the design world are tearing down the old boundaries between design, production and use of objects, thus approaching scenarios of a production system more malleable and fluid also linked to issues of sustainable development and local trade.


Open Desk is the brilliant idea of ​​Joni Steiner, the founder of the digital open-source platform for funriture which he himself described as “a collection of simple furniture , designed to be produced by a numerically controlled machine , following the plans made ​​available by the platform”


The digital projects are available online so anyone can download them at no cost.

The customer choose the materials, the paints and other details, thus limiting the costs of the work that is not able to perform independently .







So, Open Desk expands the concept of self- production , offering its customers a final list of local producers participating in the initiative, and it can create the “digital” furniture purchased through the website.




The user, in this way, has the possibility to choose what and how he wants to be involved, from the simple assembly of the object to the creation of the parts that compose it , offering flexibility and a greater awareness towards the contemporary production system.

Moreover, in this way saving money on the transport’s cost becomes possible, and the environment would gain a benefit.




Co-creation and local production: an initiative we hope will soon involve other domains of production!