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Open Source Ecology

We expand our horizons and immerse ourselves in a sustainable civilization thanks to Open source ecology, a network of farmers, entrepreneurs, engineers and supporters who point toward the realization of a more advanced civilization with respect to the present. An example is the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS), a platform that allows the easy production of 50 different low cost DIY industrial machines, useful for advancing the agricultural production, encouraging the responsible use of technology.





Born of an idea from Marcin Jakubowski, a physics graduate, Open source ecology aims to give mankind prosperity through a better interaction with the environment and strives to create an economy that optimizes both production and distribution without sacrificing sustainability.


To achieve these objectives, learning the design of the machines and the type of material to use for their construction is made extremely easy. In addition to the elimination of economic barriers due to patents, each community can increase the number of products and services it is able to provide.


Open Source Ecology




From it the saying “two hearts, one cabin” has also evolved; in fact an important project of Chris Reinhart was born as a part of Open Source ecology: the MicroHouse, a house with a loft for two people , which can be built in one day thanks to the Open Source system and the interaction of the community that synergistically provides its own support at the production level and through manpower.


These are only some of the examples that demonstrate the potentiality of open source and of a project such as Open Source ecology that espouses its school of thought. Visit the site and you will be able to discover that it is possible to built engines, wind turbines, cars, and much more with an alternative approach that is more workable from every point of view.


Open source ecology establishes a point of departure where a true evolution is possible!