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Open Source Beehives

The bee mortality is a phenomenon now recognized that has affected both Europe and the United States, and has led to a real decline of the population of pollinating insects.

We all know the importance that these insects have in the balance of our ecosystem, not to mention the many products for human feeding coming from pollination or from direct work of the bees themselves.




To face this epidemic, Open Source Beehives has been arisen, a project developed by a crowdfunding initiative, that allows to build a do-it-yourself hive fitted to lodge the bees present in the place where we live!

Resulting from the collaboration of a team of ecology and technology experts from Spain, the United States and Belgium, the project aims to develop “smart” hives to repopulate the colonies most at risk, they aim to offer bees a low stress level environment permitting them a better life, instead of what usually happens in industrial hives, made to obtain the maximum production of honey, without taking into account the condition of the bees.




The open source beehive in fact is made of special sensors that offer the scientists the opportunity to monitor the healthy status of bees and their number, to value the whumidity and temperature levels and collect necessary data to understand the bees’ decline grounds and the adopting tasks to shield them.


Open Source Beehives



For whom was unable to place a hive in the place where living, but however grow the desire to contribute to the aim, there is the possibility to adopt a hive at a distance through a small donation, after that you will have taken in constant update about the healthy of the hive by e-mail and photos.


Now also we common citizens will be able to offer our support to protect the bees!