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Open Cores

“If open source software has started its ways 25 years ago and has taken off only 10 years ago, I foresee that open source intellectual property will be successful in 3-5 years”: is the promise if Damjan Lampret, the founder of the site OpenCores.org fom 1999 and convinced supporter of the concrete possibility to bring the same revolution to hardware that has already changed the sector of software.



Open Cores


Open Cores’objective is to realize the design of integrated circuits that are programmable via software and to file and document it for the good and benefit of the entire computer science community.


Among the components created by OpenCore stand out:

-OpenRisc, a highly customizable high performance RISC processor

-A clone of the Zilog Z80

-A USB 2.0 controller

-An Ethernet controller 10/100/1000 Mbit

Consistent encryption for very common algorithms like DES, AES and RSA.

A HyperTransport tunnel

-The microcontroller core PIC16F84

-Zet, a x86 compatible core


Open Cores is the bigges community for the development of core IP hardware through open source in the world, hosting the source code for various digital HW projects (IP-core, SoC, table, ect) and supporting the users with diverse instruments, platforms, forum and other useful information.