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It arrives from America and it is an initiative which from the human and economic point of view has an overwhelming power of innovation.

It is about an idea, created in response to a requirement which we all must have had at least once. In fact on how many occasions do we happen to be in need of objects or tools that we only use for a short time? The idea came to Micki Krimmel, an American journalist who has created NeighborGoods, an exchange network, between neighbors based on sharing objects!





NeighborGoods provides a virtual space where you can offer the items that you intend to make available to the community and vice versa, find the things that you need, classify them according to the category they belong to, and the geographical zone in which you can find them.

You can really find everything, from kitchen utensils to tools, household appliances, vehicles, etc..

However, since all the loans are in the hands of the owners of the objects, they can decide, based on the type, whether to lend it only to a small group of people or share it for free with everyone.

The better the objects are used and the more people are enrolled, the greater will be the growth of the exchange.




screenshot neighborgoods



Sharing the use of certain objects, for anyone who needs a particular object, only for a limited period of time, can be much more beneficial than the system of trading or giving away. For example, if an item that you need is valuable, it is very unlikely to be able to receive it as a gift, since it would not make sense having to give the goods in exchange for something that maybe is useful only for a day, as it happens with trading.


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