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The Mozilla project is a global community of people that in 1998 got together to create  open source software, of international quality,  in order to develop innovative types of collaborative activity with the aim of making the internet experience better for everyone.


The whole is managed by Mozilla Foundation that faithfull to its manifest supports all the iniciatives with the purpose of:


Developing and encouraging open source technology and communities that sustain the principles of the Manifesto.


Developing and distributing the best “consumer” products that uphold the principles of the Manifesto.


Use the resources of Mozilla (the intellectual property. copyright, brand identity, the infrastructure, and reputation) in order to maintain the character of the internet as an “open” platform.


Promote the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto in conferences and within the industry of the internet.








The best-known product up to now remains the Mozilla Firefox browser, at this stage up to version 26.0 and is considered as one of the most widely besides being practically compatible with all multimedia.


Mozilla developers also ensure they have worked hard on optimizing the use of memory and introducing a cycle (XPCOM) able to release the RAM that is not used frequently: the aim is to get behind the so-called “memory leaks “that have marked previous releases of the browser.

The Mozilla group are working towards the development of other types of browser for Android, the mobile device operating system, e-mail applications and platforms for the creation and distribution of new apps