Sharingame is an educational portal, that, unique of its kind, places itself as point of reference of a new and emerging culture based on sharing rather than competition and individualism.




The sharing economy is a phenomenon in expansion, growing but silent  that will you don’t hear a lot of talk about from the media, for this reason we think it is necessary to inform in the best possible way regarding the huge potential of this new culture.

The current economic crisis has made it even more obvious how the system is increasingly inadequate and how money is a purely virtual concept not able to bring well-being and equality.


the real change will come from the bottom, in a slow but unstoppable way


The initiatives shown in Sharingame are based on the philosophy of cooperation among people who have not as only purpose the gain, because are aware that a small effort shared by everyone has the capacity to create something that no economic incentive will ever create. The open source model is increasingly used by companies as well as private citizens thanks the evident and brilliant achievements in all sectors.


sharing is a game in which everybody wins!


We leave the word to the experts, reporting opinions based on studies by scientists and economists, so as to understand what is really the money, how much economic system has corrupted our society and how it could be a world running in a different way.

Introduction by Peter Joseph about economic and social issues that will be better discussed in the movie “Zeitgeist Moving Forward”
Documentary on how it could be a society without money, but based on the sharing of natural resources
Directly from TED; professor Yochai Benkler explains the economy bassed on opensource.

Does money make you mean? A question that will try to give an answer Paul Piff, a researcher at the Psychology department of of the University of California