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“Making an open-source airplain, fast and easy to build” This is the goal of the operation called MakerPlane whose basic idea is to design an airplane, with the cooperation of whoever can make improvements, and then making many of the parts available for 3D printing.

The dream is to try to replicate what they did for Linux and Firefox in the world of civil aviation.


The founder of MakerPlane , John Nicol , hopes to solve the problem of frustration that involves many amateurs, always dealing with the DIY’s construction kits for small planes, very complex to assemble.


Jeffrey Meyer, Israeli aeronautical engineer head up the project of MakerPlane. Thanks to the efforts of people who are giving their contribution for free, he’s trying to develop a cheaper kit that can be built at home or in a “makerspace “.

The intention is to make available construction diagrams and software necessary to the aircraft avionics for free, while support and “hardware” parts will be sold to finance the project .



makerplane makerplane3



Although the version is the 1.0, remarkable will be the capacity of the first makerplane!

Judging the model already implemented, it will be a two-seater sport model, with a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kg and a speed of 222 km / h. it will be equipped with a ballistic parachute as a form of security.


This is the basic design, but the modular design of the aircraft has been created in a way that allows everybody to add different options for the wings, landing gear, engines and so on for all components.







The other interesting aspect of the project is that the plane will be built using computer controlled machines and 3D printers and manufacturers and MakerPlane will provide the files needed to program the machine.


The first prototype will be seen taking off at the Air Venture air show in Oshkosh , Wisconsin, in 2014!

Amateurs can only wait and hope for the official launch of this initiative !