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Mafia Leaks

This is Mafia Leaks and its purpose is the collection of information on the activities of the Mafia from sources within the Mafia itself. Through our platform you will be able to report any mafia activities, and you can be sure that your voice will remain anonymous because not even we know who you are.”


The home page of Mafia Leaks opens with this message, a website accessible by anyone, result of the efforts of a group of anonymous volunteers whose goal is to create a bridge with journalists, law enforcement agencies and associations that fight against organized crime.


The incredibly simple and extraordinary idea is to create a WikiLeaks against organized crime, using the anonymous browsing technology TOR and the GlobaLeaks systems, the ideal tools to give courage to those who know something, whether it be a victim, a witness, or even a repentant, specifically designed specifically to protect the identity of whistleblowers, but also of those who run the system.



Mafia Leaks

Therefore it is possible to make anonymous reports, and once sent, you can decide to whom to redirect it. To organize the information the site is divided into 3 main categories.


Whistleblowers: for people inside the mafia clans that have decided to denounce wrongdoing anonymously.


Victims: for people who are long-time or first time victims of mafia activity and want to report one or more abuse.


Informant: for people who have become aware of information concerning any mafia-type activity.


Who receives such reports?


In MafiaLeaks there is a list called “trusted people” from which you can choose whom to send the information. The list includes prominent members of law enforcement, journalists and anti-mafia associations.



A new hope.