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Local Motors

Local Motors is an American new generation car company, which proposes a model to change the way of designing, building and selling a car and it is supported by a community of collaborators around the world.


In less than four years Local Motors has produced with only 20 employees, more than 60,000 new concept cars and a real car: the RALLY FIGHTER !

Of course, this has been possible thanks to the 12,000 members of his community of designers, engineers and customers involved in a process of co-design completely open source.



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The useful data and 3D models , from the chassis to the body , are available and shared throughout all phases of the design. Every member of the community steps in and offers his experience to improve the project.


The cars are currently built only at the mother house in Massachusetts and in the subsidiary in Arizona, but the project is expected to reach ​​other small plants in the areas where there will be more demand. Also for this Local Motors cars are eco-friendly : they are built locally , only on order and with materials that respect the environment. Are not even used paint, the car will in fact be customized by the customers themselves after delivery.




Local Motors

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Local Motors allows customers to participate directly in the construction of their car.


Local Motors also provides a six-day package which includes technicians, tools, a place for building the car and also a driving course to come back home driving the new car.


This is another example of how working methods based on collaboration rather than competition, lead to much better results . A company that should be taken as an example.




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