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How many times have you felt guilty for having thrown out leftover food? The same food to that you have spent money and a lot of energy to prepare?

By downloading an app on your phone you will not have to feel this way!

It is thanks to a pair of Seattle programmers who have created LeftoverSwap. The programmers, one evening in college ordered a pizza for dinner and, failing to finish it, they realized how much food is wasted every day. They started to think of different methods not to throw food and so was born the Leftoverswap project.



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We only need to take a picture of the leftover food, load it on the database and from that moment all other registered users can see it and contact you to come and get it. The application, although it may seem directed only to the needy, instead aims also to strengthen the neighborhood relationships which we unfortunately have lost in recent years.



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To allow the service to function at its best there are a few fundamental rules that need to be followed on the site: for example, don’t share food that you would not eat, make sure the food is not spoiled, or simply use common sense.




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