Here the portal which makes possible the free and legal download of music. This is despite the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE), the record companies and attempts to impose digital padlocks on DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology.

Let’s face it: which of us never felt even the smallest sense of guilt when downloading some MP3?





A small revolution is taking place in this regard, besides other countries, also in Italy, and it’s called Jamendo!

Jamendo is a web platform that brings together the largest catalogue of music under Creative Commons licenses or with the Free Art license, that can be listened to and downloaded free and legally.

Anyone can put their own music on Jamendo.

Just register to publish your own work and you become not only artist, but also distributor, and so avoid large record companies and other intermediaries.

This makes Jamendo a system based on merit rather than sponsorship. ‘Winners’ are the ones who really deserve it.

All this through a system which takes account of reviews by members and ordinary users, of numbers of downloads, of listens and of donations received.




A revolution is happening in the very concept of copyright as we understand it today. We are already on the road to the sunset in the distance for it. Music will be still freer and more freely available!


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