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Did you download an image from the internet and want to convert it in a vector graphic to zoom in infinitely without pixelation or losing quality? It is not impossible, Inkscape can do it!





What is Inkscape?


Simply one of the best free and open source programs to work with vector graphics that also integrates a function to transform images from the common formats JPG, BMP, etc. into a SVG vector file.

With Inkscape it is possible to create a board of architectonic competition layout, but also design for a websites, banners and logotypes, or to vectorize a bitmap image. Furthermore, it imports and exports in the dxf format, which allows it to have a seamless interface with CAD programs. It is highly developed from the viewpoint of usability and in graphical features and its versatility is extraordinary.








Furthermore, inkscape is a multiplatform application that can be used on the operating systems Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Unix lite, but its development is particularly focussed on the GNU/Linux platform.


Compatible with both the programs Gimp and Blender, inkscape which was launched in 2003 has now reached version 0.48.4.

It is worth noting the amazing resource, also open source, of www.openclipart.org, that collects hundreds of templates developed using inkscape which are completely free for use.