Have you ever read the science fiction story “The Bicentennial Man” by Asimov, later portrayed by Robin Williams in the movie version?

The main character was a robot capable of growing intellectually by learning from the human behavior.


From now on, thanks to the work of IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) from Genoa, all this is no longer just a fantasy tale, but a great scientific project!

The IIT Foundation was established in late 2003 and since then, in its laboratories and research institutions, more than 600 experts from around the world take on a challenge that puts Italy among the foremost places in the world in cognitive robot design!


ICub is the humanoid robot puppy developed within the EU RobotCub project and afterwards adopted by more than 20 laboratories around the world!

The project was born from the meeting between robotics and neuroscience with the objective of analyzing the mechanisms that regulate learning to then replicate them in a robot.






Overall, ICub weighs 22 kilos and is 1 meter and 4 centimeters high; the necessary memory and the software to interact with the outside world are contained in the head.


Equipped with 56 motors that control the joints and ligaments and joints simulate human fibre composite and polymeric materials of last generation

It has arms and hands can move continuously without shots, design, this, that will have repercussions in the medical industry for the development of artificial limbs.


For now, only able to crawl, iCub could, in about a year. be able to move and take his first steps in the world.

They are in fact in the design phase legs that allow the puppy to walk filling so great satisfaction all it’s 600 parents








The project is open-source, free software is available to allow developers of other countries to participate in the project via the web, also available on the website are the technical specifications of the graphical simulator that reproduces the entire video robot.

The objective of the research is to take the ICub into people’s houses In future the robot would be able to be useful in helping the elderly and will do housework in our place, to extend his tasks in every possible field To teach him to do anything just download a special app from the cloud center.

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