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Housesitting is a widespread method to organize a holiday at zero cost!


The way the house sitting service works is very simple: the owners of villas or farms offer free stay at their house for the period in which they are present, in exchange of the temporary job as a caretaker, gardener and anything that may need care and attention.


The owner doesn’t have to leave the house unattended and guests can enjoy staying in luxury villas with swimming pool, tennis courts, or in houses surrounded by unspoiled nature or by the sea.



The relationship of trust between the guests and the owner of the villa is a key factor In the House sitting, for this reason brokerage agencies were created to guarantee the reliability of the guests.


The first step in fact, for those who want to organize a house sitting holiday and for those who want to make their home available for house sitting, is to sign up in one of the above agencies.



For homeowners there is nothing left to do but take a look at the pages of research investigating the profiles and sending messages that correspond to their needs; and vice versa for those looking for a home to spend a period of time.


The network offers a number of websites that support this initiative, but unfortunately they all require an annual subscription fee, which is small if compared to the benefit to go on holiday without spending a penny for accommodation. but we think we can do even better eliminating this rate. We invite you to visit these websites and use the idea to create something free.