“Feel like you’re at home anywhere in the world.”

Homelink, the network which for sixty years has tried to unite people, culture and styles of life through the exchange of houses. Homelink is a house sharing service that every year sees a vast network of customers travel throughout the world under the idea of respect, faith, and having an open mind, towards the search for places and culture to absorb and discover in first person.

Thanks to a network of worldwide local assistance, Homelink has become the leader in the exchange of houses, starting their “voyage” in 1953 from an idea from David Ostroff.




In a few steps each person can exchange their own house and so start a new adventure

After signing up in the service a profile is created where the user describes his home, the people who live there and the most popular destinations; in this way, Homelink gives users the possibility of knowing each other better, as trust is the most important aspect.

After this, it’s just a matter of looking for an exchange and contacting other users through the secure messaging system.



Finally, to agree to the exchange, the only requirement is to use the online form for exchange deals.

The peculiarity of Homelink and the secret of its success lies in involving all participants in the 10 principles: ten little tips that help raise awareness and especially help first-time users and “novices”.

The customers need do nothing other than act in good faith, sharing responsibility, respectful and with the desire to start an adventure of discovery all based on the idea of exchanging houses.





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