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Travelling in a creative, cheap and alternative way, even sharing the experience and a little part of the trip with other travelers, today it is more fun and easier than ever.


All this happens thanks to Hitchwiki, a website / manual for the hitchhiker traveler which can be extremely helpful.

It can be considered as the wikipedia for all hitchhikers in the world with all the information about where to go to find easy steps, how to enter and exit from a big city, the crime rate in the country where you do it and how to start doing it.

It works thanks to feedbacks from other hitchhikers that before you have gone through those lonely moors or cut those nets before reaching that particular service station where to start the hunt for exciting rides.




Take a look at the website to get a first impression if you have never done hitchhiking or if you need general information.

For the Internet lovers, Google Maps offers the option to create, to save and to share your own personalized



After a few hundred miles all the great hitchhikers need some food and some nice place to sleep along the way. All these information can be found on the hitchwiki!