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The hitchhicker era was a really good time!


We went on the roadside and raised our thumb, showing the best of smiles , waiting for a good soul , perhaps tired of the loneliness of the journey, perhaps trivially curious to know who stood behind that smile, lowering the window and then stopping.


All this wasn’t only a sign of pure altruism. It was a philosophy of life, a symbol of travelling without money and without anxiety.


Today, the reality and the philosophy of “raising thumbs” is slowly being revived thanks to the Internet. Hitchhikers.org connect drivers with those looking for a ride.






The website does not ask for any fee and those who are interested in, should just leave their travel destination and wait to be contacted by someone else who shares the route. No fees or limits, but only advertising is required for free in the platform through spontaneous donations or simply by word of mouth.


What are you waiting for? Raise your thumb and make it your way of travelling. A way that was loved by Jack Kerouac whose adventures born from this philosophy of life are described in his masterpiece “On The Road” !