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Do you want to have a unforgettable journey, have the chance to live in a privately-owned house, and not spend money in hotels and restaurants? Then GuestToGuest is the site for you!

How does it work?

GuestToGuest is an online house exchange site with people from other countries. Simply sign up, choose among the members with whom to exchange houses, and agree on when to make the exchange.

As with any site of that type, the system is structured so that privacy and security are at the top of the list.






The main difference between GuestToGuest and other house sharing sites is that the house sharing is free, and thus there is no annual registration fee.

Interesting aspect is the management of the site through currency trading: the “Point” that will increase in many ways, giving or receiving reviews on the various people with whom you are experienced or service such as inviting friends on the portal.

Be a proper and active costumer with the nuber of the guest point such as to be able to take advantage of the service in the best way!





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