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Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is a non-violent action against all forms of urban decay. A group of pugnacious enthusiasts plagues our city with green “attacks” to remodel and beautify with plans and flowers abandoned areas and public spaces degraded by neglect and cement. The project originated in Italy in 2006, thanks to a group of young Milanese people who succeeded in setting an example of how to bring color to a gray city.




In reality to coin the term was Liz Christ and her group Green Guerrilla in 1973 in the USA, transforming a derelict space into garden today this space is still well kept and cared for by some environmentalist volunteers the project is expanding dramatically in all the world. the aim of some activists is to create food, secretly planting fruit trees or other edible plants or even simply flowers in the parks, along the cycle paths etc The goal of some activists is to produce food, secretly planting fruit trees or other edible plants, or even plain flowers in parks, along bike paths, etc.


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Guerrilla Gardening


Some companies help the fighters with advice and by donating plants and materials for free; an important attitude for educating the young “amateurs” who often become subjects of external criticism, since they are the “rebels” of the project. John F. Adams wrote a book aiming to encourage gardeners to grow a variety of plants present in nature, instead of those hybrids resulting from artifical selection by seed companies.





We give life to a dead zone with green attacks, and we record our acts publicly on a web site to demonstrate how much our city could be embellished with only a little good will!