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Gnammo is an Italian platform for Social Eating where perfect strangers contact each other to then meet in person before dinner as if they were old friends.

To use the words of its founder Gian Luca Ranno, Gnammo is nothing other than the oldest social network in the world… the dinner table.

The project that is inspired by the English “Home Restaurant”-phenomenon, comes to life thanks to the fusion of two Italian start-ups, and already within a few months of life it counts thousands of users and a lot of organized dinners.






To use the service, it is enough to register on the site, saying if being cook or gnammer. The cook is the organizer of the dinner and fixes the day, the menu, and the number of people that he wants to invite. The gnammer is, on the contrary, the person who will participate in the dinner.

Anyone can organize at his own home and anyone can participate!

The site has a sort of feedback system for every registered user and it is the cook who filters the participants, communicating address and venue of his event only after having verified the “profile” of the potential gnammer.






Any type of meal can be organized, as long as it takes place in localities like private homes, unusual public places, artist’s studios etc. with the objective to enrich the dinner by making space also for music, art and design.

It seems evident that an idea like this can revolutionize the world of catering, making prices more competitive thanks to the lower cost of personnel and equipment and no obligation on the part of the organizers to adapt to norms that are often very rigid and onerous, different from any traditional commercial business activity.

For all lovers of good food and chatting at the dinner table, a new experience to absolutely try!