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For all those who wish to enter the world of electronics, getting to grips with a design scheme can be sometimes complicated if you don’t have the right tools.

In the market, there are many computer programs that allow the digital design of an electronics project. However, because of their high price or the presence of functions that are difficult to use, they are not accessible to the market segment of users who are not professionals but hobbyists who are passionate about electronics.

And coming from this demand, an open-source community has thought up a truly original software whose name is Fritzing!




The site announces the goals set by its founders:

“We are offering a software tool, a community and services in the spirit of Processing and Arduino in promoting an ecosystem that allows users to documents their own prototypes, share these with other people, teach electronics in the classroom, and create and produce PCBs of a professional quality.

Fritzing, in short, is an open-source program for designing electronic circuits, created to support designers, artists, and researchers to work creatively with electronic interactivity.


fritzing_ground_plane Screen-shot-2011-10-30-at-16.00.52




Every single component in Fritzing is represented in a stylized fashion aesthetically similar to how it would be in reality, simplifying the development of circuits and facilitating reading for even amateur users.

Making it truly special is it simplicity and heightened accessibility, heavily used in the new section school of the Arduino site, the software is available on the official site for free and for all operating systems.



fritzing-preview-bb Pi-Models_bb



The open-source nature of the program encourages the production of libraries of new components that can be shared by enthusiasts and from the site it is also possible to download projects from the users.

Day by day, electronics are becoming more universally accessible thanks to software like Fritzing and open platforms like Arduino. Another small step toward having electronic devices for common use, that are cheaper, more efficient and independently feasible.