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Freecycle is an interesting movement, currently spread across the world, that aims to reduce the environmental impact of the things we use in every day life. Their tagline is: “changing the world, one gift at a time.”

The driving principle behind Freecyclers is ethical environmentalism: meaning the reuse and keeping out of landfills  anything that is still “good” enough to be reusable.

The community comprises almost 5000 groups and over 8 million members spread across 85 countries in the world. It is an entirely non-profit movement made up of people who exchange and recycle objects for free.



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Freecycle connects iindividuals who possess an object for which they have no further use with others who, in contrast, need the same object.

Objects  passing through Freecycle are only allowed to do so when offered freely.

Freecycle groups are online, and on local mailing lists, on which one can enrol directly though the web. For further information on The Freecycle Network and the list of all the local Freecycle groups it is advisable to go to the web site directly.

The use of resources already present on the Earth not only reduces uncontrolled consumerism, but produces fewer goods and minimizes the negative impact that  waste materials have on the environment.




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