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Flight Sharing

Flight sharing, using the same principles as carpooling, offers pilots all over the world the opportunity to connect with the people who want to fly (another pilot, a flight enthusiast or a passenger who is simply travelling to the same destination), sharing the expense and cost of the flight!




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How does it work?


Through a subscription service you enter your data (as far as to where the pilot is concerned where they will include flight certifications that will be subsequently verified), the pilot is registered and their identity and eligibility are verified and then you will have the opportunity to share all flights that will occur.

At this point the passengers do not have to do anything other than to look for the flight plans that most meet their own needs, then contact the pilot and decide on a mutually agreed upon date and time to meet.



Flight Sharing



As it is not a traditional commercial service, those who use the service should be fully aware that sharing requires courtesy, respect and fairness towards the person whom they are going to share the trip with!

An extraordinary initiative which we hope will take hold on people and soon expand outside the US!