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Elphel + Apertus

The Elphel Inc. is a company founded by the Russian physicist Andrey Filippov immigrated in the United States in 1995.

Elphel launched the first panoramic camera , called Elphel Eyesis , on December 6th, 2010 .





You might consider Elphel Eyesis as the successor of the photographic device rig elphel Inc. developed and used to capture images of google street .

Elphel’s other cameras are used by NASA and Le Moss Landing Marine Laboratories for their research projects , funded for for the detection and exploration in Antarctica.

The current model is called ” Elphel 353″ . The code that handles the camera is licensed for sharing GPLv3 , and hardware designs are also published under free licenses.





In 2006, the project APERTUS was born. Its goal is to create free and open source tools for professional film technology.


Since 2001, Elphel produces hardware and software components that can be considered the heart of the system released under the GPL license.

It has already come a long way -and Apertus has just announced the upcoming development of Axiom , a professional camcorder completely open source that allows you to capture video with a resolution of 4K / Ultra HD ( 4,096 × 3,072 pixels ) of 150 fps through a 35 mm sensor.


The camera , thanks to the adoption of an open development model, is designed to reach a final price considerably lower than 10,000 dollars.



Elphel + Apertus



The most striking side of Apertus Axiom is the expected price, given that less than 10 thousand dollars do not buy any comparable commercial product.


With Axiom, Apertus will give a hard time to the famous brands in the industry such as Sony, Canon and RED delivering a project with entirely open source software and hardware.


This project certainly deserves to be  kept an eye on and we cannot wait to see the future creative endeavors inspired by this project !