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Here are the Earthships!


The last frontier of sustainability, an idea that embraces the best of the green philosophy.

The Earthships are a model of a solar and passive home , built with natural and recycled materials that do not require heating systems (which takes place inside them, thanks to solar radiation) or cooling (due instead to perspiration by means of the earth), and are independent from the point of view of water and energy supply.





They are constructed without the need for any special technical knowledge and using a wide variety of materials, including clay, straw, wood or used tires. In particular, the latter will be used (by being) filled with earth to build load-bearing walls and instead, bottles and cans will be the building blocks of non-load bearing walls. These dwellings are able to meet the needs of normal houses and sometimes are also safer and more comfortable, without counting the extremely reduced environmental impact.


earthships7 Earthship-tire


It all started in the early ’70s, when the architect Michael Reynolds decided to give substance to his dream by building the first prototype Earthship in New Mexico, where the materials used for the traditional buildings were replaced by simple recycled cans.

And it was from this experiment that the organization Earthship Biotecture saw the light , that today includes people all over the world who build not just homes, but real life choices that massively severed the ties of dependence on the local or global economy , with total respect for the environment!



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The advantages that the Earthships offer compared to traditional homes are so many!


Suffice it to say that each is equipped with one or more greenhouses that throughout the year (regardless of the climate of the place where it is built) produce fruits and vegetables of all kinds.


The water recycling system is nothing short of extraordinary, in fact, the roof is designed as a large funnel that collects rainwater in a cistern where it is then pumped through a filter to sinks, showers and sanitary.


The waste water is instead pumped into greenhouses to water and fertilize the plants.

Another incredible ability of Earthships is to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the year, both in extremely hot places and in others that are equally cold.


Due to its structure made of very thick walls and the various layers of coverage, the temperature inside always oscillates around 22 °.


If the interior is cool, the tires release the heat previously absorbed from the sun, but if they heat up it is absorbed cooling the environment. There are also passive cooling systems with simple pipes underground for those who want to try to upgrade the house.




earth_ship3 earthship



The solar panels and the wind turbine have the function of collecting an amount of energy that is used with criterion and without waste, allowing a whole sustainable life.

Any excess will be stored in batteries for night periods of overcast skies and no wind.
Ultimately, as is plain, this type of habitation is much less costly than a common house; indeed the base cost is around 5,000 euros while for more elaborate models the price goes up depending on complexity; but in any case, the costs are laughable when compared to traditional architecture. In addition, the time of construction is very short.





A Canadian couple during a conference on s[paceshimps told of having independently built their own house in only three months using just the technical drawings that are easily available on many sites that are such a phenomeon; and they require no previous construction.

A real revolution in which men should no longer be dependent on mortgages, rent, bills and food expenses, without forgetting the enormous environmental benefits!







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