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It comes from Paris and from the mind of Robin Chase and is the revolution on the automobile concept, an extraordinary car sharing service named Drivy!

The innovation that this service brings consists of allowing private persons through a smartphone app to share their own car with whoever has a temporary need.

Operation is extremely simple, just download the application directly from the site and you can see all the cars available in the vicinity and contact the owner directly.


In order to protect the owner, at the time of the application, information such as driver’s license and identity card are required, which will then be verified by the user before the delivery of the car.





The owners, once registered, have an obligation to safeguard certain safety standards, commiting to maintain the vehicle under proper conditions.

Attempts to deceive the system are almost impossible, seen in the inevitable transparency that is obtained by the user feedback system: the scores and comments don’t give leeway to those who don’t respect the rules!


The criteria for the rates are determined by several variables, calculated by an online application through the use of a number of factors such as the age of the car, the make, fuel type, location and mileage.

An ever increasingly and rapidly growing service, that once surpasses the bureaucracy, regarding to the insurance system, we shall definitely see expanding in the rest of Europe.



A system that, combining the needs of both parties, belongs to those who want to amortize the costs that the possession of a car implies (taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.), those who, not wanting to rely on an official rental service, and therefore very expensive and definitely inflexible and impractical, can still have a car available in case of need!